At Space City JS, we shall embark on explorations that give us insight and lessons from real-world projects.

Let's celebrate the rigor and wonder of JavaScript.

Join us this Spring 2015 in Houston, TX.


We are currently targeting Spring of 2015.


Right here in sunny Houston, TX. We are finalizing the venue, but it will be undeniably awesome.

Want to speak?

We will be sending out a call for abstracts soon. Be sure to add your email address to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter.

What will tickets cost?

We are crunching the numbers and will share the final price ASAP.

Custom Notebooks

We're going analog. Each attendee will receive a nice, custom Space City JS notebook along with something fancy to write with. You'll thank us later.


We've spent fair amount of time curating speakers. You're going to really like these folks.

Want to sponsor?

Our community generates tons of buzz, creates more apps/sites/solutions/art/music/food than most. We passionately create memorable events and involved all who can participate. We're keeping the ticket prices affordable, and we welcome all of our dear sponsors to multiply our community's success.

Please contact us and we'll make it happen!

Want to help with Space City JS?

Please contact us!